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Hello everyone, and a very warm welcome to the Care Technology section. My name is James Davidson, and I am a Team Leader here at Baillieston Community Care.

In July 2022, Scottish Care created a new ‘Care Technologist’ role to help integrate technology into service users’ homes. This was assigned to Dan Plant, which was originally trialled for a year. Dan was situated in our Head Office.

Throughout Dans time as Care Technologist, he introduced technology into the homes of some of our service users, which has made a big impact to their daily living routine and has also helped promote independence. Since then, Dan has moved on from our Head Office to continue the role with technology for Scottish Care. Due to the success of the trial, the opportunity has arisen for us to continue Dan’s legacy by continuing to implement technology into our service users homes.

As a home care organisation, we have a number of service users with numerous care needs, so we believe that introducing technology into their daily routine can enable them to live more independently. There is a variety of technology options available, some of which has already been implemented for service users, which is making a huge impact on their daily routine.

Here are some examples of the technology that is available; Reminder Dementia Clock, Kettle Companion, Curtain or Blind Robot, Smart Bulbs, Flood Prevention Plugs, Alexa/Echo Dot, Tablets, Locating Tags, Hydration Reminder, Smart Plug, Doro 6820, Bone Conductor Earphones, Echo Show, Sensor Lights, Companion Pet, Daylight Lamp, Robot Vacuum and Cleaner, Ring Doorbell, Universal Remote, Echo flex, Meross Smart Thermostat. (Please see next page for tech)

We are constantly searching for new technology and devices that can support people to live independently. If you want to keep up-to-date with the added tech list, please visit the Scottish Care website which is updated more frequently.

If you would like further information regarding implementing technology into your home, please don’t hesitate to contact me on 0141 771 6478 or email me at

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