Dementia Care

Being cared for by a familiar face on a regular basis, in your own home.

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Dementia is commonly thought of as memory loss, although the reality is much more complex, and symptoms between the different forms of dementia can vary a great deal. Our specially trained care team understands the need to maintain a bridge between past memories and the present day. Our carers have undergone extensive training in dementia care in both an academic and vocational setting.

Being cared for by a familiar face on a regular basis via a personalised support plan in your own home, can make a real difference to your quality of life. The care we offer to our service users who receive our specialised care minimises their anxiety and frustration and promotes good health and wellbeing. Our approach to working with people living with dementia is to remain positive. Dementia can’t be cured, but we can ensure our service users maintain dignity and independence through as much or as little support as they require.

Dementia care is not exclusive; many of our service users combine our expertise in personal and domestic support with our specialised dementia service.

Baillieston Community Care

Baillieston Community Care

The mission of Baillieston Community Care is to provide a high quality service to people with disabilities and their carers; attempt to improve their quality of life; prevent inappropriate reception into care; and keep risk to a minimum.

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