Overnight Care

We offer three overnight support options.

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Overnight care can ease yours or a loved one’s anxiety about being alone at night. But it also helps in many other ways, including:

• Support with administering medication through the night
• Assisting with toilet breaks
• Regular help for changing position in bed, particularly after an operation or injury
• Help with complex care needs with support from the local nursing team
• Better overall health by being able to rest through the night
• Someone on hand for those living with progressive conditions such as dementia
• Extra peace of mind for your family knowing someone is on-hand

Above all else, finding reliable overnight care is sometimes the deciding factor in enabling people to stay in their own home, rather than considering residential care. We offer three main options for overnight support:

• A sleeping night for the home care worker.
• A waking night for the home care worker.
• Our sitting service.

Baillieston Community Care

Baillieston Community Care

Overnight Care Options

As always, our care options are flexible and we’ll work with you to build the right level of care for you. We understand that yours or your loved one’s requirements may change, especially if you’re recovering from an injury or are managing a progressive medical condition. Your night-time care support can be easily altered at any time.

It’s best to speak to us about the options available for overnight care and the related costs and funding options.

Nightly support from your live-in carer
A sleeping night

If you have 24 hour care at home, the home care worker stays in your home and will be available to support you overnight as well. We call this a sleeping night for the home care worker. This means they can support you up to twice each night so they also get enough rest to continue supporting you the following day.

Saying that, if you find you’re waking more often than this each night, your carer is still there to help you. But if it becomes a regular thing we can talk about making adjustments to better suit your needs.

Support throughout the night
A waking night

If you need a lot of support at several times during the night – maybe if you wake up disorientated or need regular help in changing position or having medication – we can arrange for one of our trained carers to help.

We call this a waking night as the home care worker will be on duty throughout the night. How long they are needed for is flexible and up to you. Having this continuous support from one of our night-time carers can make a world of difference to you and your family.

Night-time respite for another carer
Our sitting service

We also provide what we call a sitting service or an overnight respite service. This is where we arrange for a trained home care worker to keep you or your loved one company so your regular care provider can take a break.

Our night-time respite service could be an ideal temporary option if you want to see whether overnight care is for you.

Our Mission Statement:
We provide a bespoke service enabling you to live well at home.

Our Vision Statement:
To be your first choice of care provider in Scotland.

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