Our Quality Assurance

A comprehensive Quality Assurance Programme.

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We operate a comprehensive quality assurance programme which includes regular service user reviews, questionnaires, spot-checks, observational monitoring, staff supervision, staff assessments, performance reviews and a comments and complaints procedure that you can access should you have concerns with any aspect of your care.

Baillieston Community Care

Service User Charter

Service Users have the Right to:

Be treated as an individual, as per their individual needs assessment. Care for themselves as far as they are able.
Political, cultural, ethnic, religious, sexual and emotional needs accepted. Independence, choice and responsibility for their actions.
Assessment of individual need. An effective complaints system.
Respect for privacy, dignity and confidentiality, and an explanation of any (exceptional) circumstances in which information will be divulged to others. The development of a contract specifying clearly the type service to be delivered and the expected quality standards.
An individual, person centred care plan and participation in the writing and reviewing of that care plan. Information about other services either provided in Baillieston Community Care or by outside agencies.
Receive notification in advance of any changes to the service. Know about the decisions made and services planned.
Have access to written information regarding decisions taken by staff that affects their lives. To have a voice, be listened to and heard or to be able to talk in private if requested.
Receive information in a language or mode appropriate to their needs. Access, where necessary, to an independent advocate.
Have access to written information in their care plans. To know their rights and get the appropriate help to understand those rights.
To freedom from abuse and neglect. To have friends and relationships.
To have the help they need in managing their money.  

Our Mission Statement:
We provide a bespoke service enabling you to live well at home.

Our Vision Statement:
To be your first choice of care provider in Scotland.

Baillieston Accreditations

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Head Office:
Parkhead School House, 135 Westmuir Street,
Parkhead, Glasgow, G31 5EX.

 0141 771 6478
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Opening Times:
Mon – Fri: 9am – 5pm
Sat & Sun: 8am - 4pm

Out of Hours:
Our out of hours service operates outwith the hours above. Out of these hours we have a dedicated 24/7 on call service which is automatically directed to the on call Manager via our main office number.