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Hi David and all staff at Baillieston Community Care, and of course, Bealach Day Care centre. Just wanted to send you a mail to thank you all for the great care you gave to my Mum, Isabel Lamont. I got official word today that Mum won’t return home, and will eventually go to a care-home, but her mental and physical health has improved  dramatically I am happy to say.

I really miss my mum being in the care of Bealach.  She had two great years there, with a massive thanks to Bernie, Frances, Laura and Tracey, they not only took care of my mum, but also were great friends and support to myself. Along with their help I managed to keep mum in the community longer than it really should have been possible.

Also could I pass on my thanks to Jackie and Anne who stayed over with Mum for two nights, gave me a good night’s sleep, and also took great care of her. Much appreciated. Will always be grateful to you all at Baillieston Community Care, you should be so proud of the service you provide to the community, and the support you give to carers. Anything I can ever do to help, please do not hesitate to call.

Thank you again David and all your staff
Linda Campbell


My mother received a sitter service from Baillieston Community Care for 2x2 hourly visits per week for 6 weeks. During this time the main carer was Nan whom my Mother really liked and felt safe and content with. We had no complaints about this service and would recommend it to anyone and are sorry it is now finished.

Receiving a placement at Bealach House has made a big difference in both our lives; my mother loves going there, enjoys the company and the activities and is very well looked after by the staff. It has given my mother some purpose back in her life again and something good to look forward to. The days she attends Bealach House appears to be the best days of the week for her and it takes a lot of pressure off my shoulders too. Thank you to all the staff from both of us.

Alice Hoy


I am writing this letter to show my appreciation of Bealach House Day Care. It has been a god send for our family, mother gets picked up twice a week and gets to spend quality time doing activities she really enjoys tea dances and visits to different parks in the city to name but a few.

This in turn gives my father, who is housebound, a much needed break from caring from her, as it is 24/7 for him and it can be very hard to cope with at times. I just want to say how fantastic the staff are, caring and dedicated. They have been so good to us, so helpful and are always there to give us advice if we need it. A wonderful facility, don’t know what we would have done without it.

James Scobie


My mother Rose has been at Bealach House almost 2 years now! In that time, my mother has been very happy, as it has allowed her to have a life after old age. She feels stimulated, secure and surrounded with friendly company as opposed to lingering at home mostly alone mostly alone, in a big empty house and waiting on people finishing work before they can come to visit!

We have seen my mother’s health deteriorate somewhat in relation to her dementia, but the safe and friendly environment that the staff at Bealach House has given to Rose has given her purpose of life. Being Rose’s daughter, and visiting Bealach House, seeing how good they are and how welcoming they are and how caring they are, takes such a weight off my shoulders and makes life a lot easier and stress free, knowing that she is in such a pleasant and loving atmosphere.

The whole team at Bealach House are not just caring, loving and welcoming they are also very understanding and more importantly they listen and they are there for you! From all my family, all we can say, it’s an amazing place and has helped is out greatly.

For anyone with an elderly relative, you could not ask for a better place for them to be and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the services of Bealach House. The feedback we get on our mother, gives us a much needed life and we know she is well looked after!

Anne McGuigan


The Bealach House Day care Centre has made a dramatic difference to the quality of my Mother’s life and provides my family and me with invaluable support.

Our Mum has always been a quiet person and had never been one for mixing socially. When our Dad passed away it was a great concern to us how she would cope living on her own. However attending the Day Care centre has really brought her ‘out of her shell’ and she now enjoys making new friends and taking part in the many activities arranged by the staff at Bealach House.

Mum likes to recount everything she has done during her day at Bealach; the things they do at the centre are always fun and interesting and help her to keep independent. As a family we look forward to hearing all about her time at Bealach House as well as her enthusiasm for her next visit.

Mum refers to the Day Care centre as her ‘club’ and she cannot wait to get there on Tuesday and Friday’s. She often says she would go every day if she could, and has stated many times that she does not know what she would do without it. As for myself and my sister, there is a great comfort knowing that our Mum is with dedicated and caring staff. We also feel that the staff are very approachable, knowledgeable and understanding, should we have any concerns about our Mum’s condition.

To summarise, we cannot praise the Day Care centre service highly enough and only hope that others can have the same access to this type of facility. My family and I would be the first to recommend Bealach House.

Elaine McBride


My Mum has been attending Bealach Day Care Centre, two days a week, for the last 14 months.  Mum will be 80 years old in June, and despite being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease over two and a half years ago is still managing to live independently at home.  I feel that that is thanks to the amazing care she receives at Bealach House.

I feel the care, stimulation, and the social interaction my mum benefits from, by attending  Bealach House, helps to slow down the deterioration of her illness. She always looks forward to attending and those are her most happy and alert days. The staff at Bealach are so professional, but also commit to their clients with genuine care and a great kindness. I always feel I am welcome there at any time for a chat regarding my mum and find that the staff are friendly to me and great confidants.

Both my mum and I owe a great debt of gratitude to Bealach House and our lives are all the better because of it.

Linda Campbell
Carer for Isabel Lamont


Previous to my mother attending Bealach House, my husband and I were caring for 24hrs a day with no regular respite and were both mentally and physically drained.

Bealach House is our lifeline, now when my mother attends twice per week, we use this time to schedule our hospital, GP appointments, spend quality time with our family, visit friends or most times just rest. We are able to do this with the knowledge that my mother is being well cared for by dedicated staff who attend to her personal needs with respect and provide her with the social and mental stimulation she previously lacked.

As carers we find Bealach House staff invaluable, always willing to offer support, encouragement and a caring ear to listen when things get tough.

Christine McLaughlin

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